Comprehensive Eye Examination

Our comprehensive eye examination begins with specialized test for
glaucoma, peripheral vision, color vision, visual acuity at both near
and far, and depth perception are all performed.

The doctor will thoroughly discuss any symptons or concerns you
feel necessary.  Your medical history will also be reviewed.  If you
are a contact lens wearer, then your contact lens habits and needs
will be addressed.  The doctor will perform a complete refraction to
obtain your glasses and/or contact lens prescriptions.  The external
eye, cornea, conjunctiva, and other front structures of your eyes will
be examined.

For contact lens wearers, during your thorough contact lens fitting,
all the best contact lens options for your personal prescription will
be discussed.

The internal portion of your eyes is best viewed through dilated
pupils.  Dilation of the pupils is an important component of a
comprehensive eye examination.  Conditions that are vision and/or
life threatening can sometimes only be detected with dilation.  We
are concerned about cataracts and retinal problems such as macular
degeneration, glaucoma, retinal holes or detachments, and diabetic
retinopathy (all of which can lead to partial loss of vision or
blindness).  In addition, systemic diseases such as diabetes and
high blood pressure can be detected by dilation of your eyes.

The treatment prescribed may vary from observation, prescription of
glasses and/or contact lenses or referral to an ophthalmologist.  
Should a referral be necessary for a glaucoma workup, cataract
evaluation, or any other eye disease, you can be assured that all of
your options will be discussed with you.  Patient education is of
utmost importance at Premier Eyecare of Roswell.
Your comprehensive eye examination is only complete when all of
your questions have been answered.
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